Body Contouring

Triple action fat and cellulite reduction with skin tightening at the same time.

The Pollogen MAXIMUS™ combines TriLipo® RF energy with Dynamic Muscle Activation treatment to deliver on-invasive fat reduction, body shaping and instant skin tightening.

Our HALO TriLipo™ treatment can help you shrink fat cells and tighten loose skin all synchronized all in one session. 

TriLipo™ uses highly sophisticated third-generation radiofrequency technology, exceeding the limits of other treatment options to deliver immediate, exception results for cellulite reduction and loose skin.

Lose fat and tighten excess skin at the same time! 

After treatment, you’ll notice immediate results such as:

  • Cellulite reduction. 
  • Circumferential fat reduction. 
  • Streamlined body contours.
  • Increased dermal volume.
  • Tighter, firmer, younger skin. 
  • Reduced stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines. 

Maximus treatments are painless and require no down time. 

Get rid of stubborn fat, postnatal tummies and cellulite.

No needles, no surgery!

How It Works

TriLipo™ uses focused radiofrequency (RF) energy to trigger the regeneration of collagen and elastin, firm the skin, metabolize fat cells, and drastically reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It builds upon tri-polar RF technology, creating a more focused, more comfortable, and ultimately more effective tool for fighting cellulite and improving the appearance of the skin.

By combining multiple proprietary technologies, TriLipo RF and TriLipo DMA Maximus offer the ability to effectively treat four layers of skin: epidermis, dermis, fat, and muscle. Maximus is the only aesthetic device on the market that can treat all four tissue layers. 

Results are typically immediate, and a full course of treatments can quickly and effectively reduce your waistline. 

TriLipo™ is also suitable for firming, tightening, and toning loose skin on the face and neck, giving you the youthful look you’ve been searching for.

Maximus for Fat Reduction, Rapid Skin Tightening and Collagen Regeneration 

Maximus is an advanced, non-invasive treatment for face and body contouring. 

The treatment combines radiofrequency (RF) with dynamic muscle activation (DMA) technology to work on all four layers of the skin, achieving optimal fat reduction and skin tightening on the face, neck, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. The two-in-one treatment removes fat cells from deep in the skin while simultaneously toning underlying muscles and tightening the outer layers of skin.